Saturday, August 4, 2012

An Irish Chain for a Baby Girl

I fell in love with Fig Tree's California Girl fabric line - the colors and prints are just beautiful in an elegant way (if that makes any sense).

This is the second quilt I have made using California Girl and am happy that I still have some more in my stash for additional projects.

I love this Single Irish Chain pattern; I think the simplicity of the pattern highlights the fabrics and adds to the beauty of the overall quilt.

Ironically, when I checked out the lastest Missouri Star Quilt Company Tutorial it was a tutorial on how to make this Irish Chain pattern using Jelly Rolls (which virtually takes away any cutting you have to do for the nine patch blocks - really speeding up the process!)

I am only a four quilts into my process of free motion quilting on my own sewing machine.  While I haven't quite figured out where my machine tension should be, I'm getting closer.  My first attempts were encouraged by the following  Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial.  If you haven't tried free motion quilting yourself, this is a great tutorial to help you visualize the process and take away some of the initimadation factor.

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