Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Comissioned Work

I love moms (and I'm not bias because I am one or that this post centers around my own mom)...

I love moms because even when their children are in their mid thirties, they still find reasons to brag about their children's many accomplishments to those around them.

The above bag is an almost duplicate to one I gave my mother last fall when my dad was going into surgery.  I thought she would like the soft colors in Fig Tree Quilt's California Girl fabric line and that she could use something cheerful when we were both a bit on the worried side.

I made quite a few bags like this one with various scraps following Jera's (from Quilting in the Rain) quilted make-up bag tutorial for Christmas gifts last fall but of course never took any photos. A side note of this bag - is is a great scrap buster and can be modified to the size you want.

Now back to bragging mothers.  While on a weekend adventure with high school friends my mother must have showed off my gift to her.  It just so happened one of her friends loved the fabrics and the idea of the bag that size and asked if I would make one "just like it" for her.  As luck would have it - I cut out two sets of pieces for my mother's bag and stored the extra set in my scraps. Now the commissioned bag is finished and delivered to the middle man (or in this case, my mom).

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