Wednesday, March 6, 2013

That Darn Aunt Mable...

My Favorite Square - at least for today
Let me tell you about our newest family addition... Aunt Mable.  From the rumors going around my house, she is a force to reckon with.

According to a very reliable source (Monkey 3) Aunt Mable lives in a pink house (there have been several house spottings as we have driven around town and even a very firm acknowledgement that "there's Aunt Mable's!" while at an Iowa Wedding - this woman gets around).  Aunt Mable has pink hair, a pink cat, a pink stove and even a pink washer and dryer ("Mom, why didn't you buy a pink washing machine like my Aunt Mable has?).  And of course, to throw everything for a loop - the woman has a purple dog - just when you thought you had things figured out.  When visiting Aunt Mable's, one must color her hair pink and of course wear - you guessed it - a pink dress.  (By the way - Aunt Mable's is strictly a "girls only" kind of place.)

Monkey 3 is a frequent visitor at Aunt Mable's and has grand adventures while there.  Recently, Aunt Mable added her own new addition to the family - Aunt Cindy, a little baby girl. Monkey 3 tells me that Aunt Cindy is a perfect baby who never cries, steals toys or has stinky diapers like Monkey 4.

While I want to believe I am above competing with imaginary family members, sometimes it is too hard to resist.  When I finally finished my twin stars quilt from Jelly Roll Quilts (a quilt that while pushing me beyond my sewing skills cheered me on with its reds, pinks, and aquas), apparently Bonnie and Camille's Ruby fabric was just too tempting. I barely had the binding sewn on before Monkey 3 declared the quilt to be "Aunt Mable's".

So Aunt Mable, I hope you enjoy your new quilt - and thank you for sharing it with the rest of us.

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  1. Kids don't you just love them! Mine had imaginary friends too! You write well you should make a little book about a trip to Aunt Mable's to keep for when she is a teenager. You can look at it and remember that sweet little girl!